Sunday, January 8, 2012

So clever!

 One of the many things I love about travelling overseas is finding unique jewellery or clothing that you can't buy in your own country. As you know, rings are my thing, so I was quite excited to find this very clever concept in a craft store in Germany. Luckily my husband was off doing his own thing because I was in the shop for almost two hours playing around with the hundreds of different combinations.

So this is how it works - there are three parts you need to buy:

1. Choose your ring band - these came in silver and white with a thick and thin option, and have a little screw head attached. I went for the thick band in white.
2. Next you pick a base design - there must have been about a hundred different designs to choose from and, depending on the thickness and shape, you can stack two on top of each other. I chose round and flower shapes but there were square and rectangular ones too in so many different colours. You can see why it took so long!
3. Your last element is the screw top which holds it all in place. Again it was a tough choice. They had mostly crystal-type settings but also pearls and other shapes like animals and hearts.

And then comes the best part - experimenting with all the different combinations. I've shown you a few of my favourites here but as you can imagine there are many more!

I haven't seen these in Australia but if anyone else has please let me know! The concept is called Sunset Boulevard and you can visit their website here.


  1. I absolutely love the concept and have never seen anything like it in Australia, although it may exist here somewhere. You chose some beautiful beads and I love that it is like a new ring every day with a few different pieces.

  2. Wow...they are great Chez babes....what a super invention...LOVE IT!!