Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

It's been a while since I've played along on 'Let's go Shopping'.
Been too busy playing 'I have to go to work'.
So without further ado I present to you another four of my Etsy favourites:

 First up is this Cantaloupe Bowl by Vegetabowls. So well made, so much fun!
 Their other bowls are pretty cool too.

Next is the Refuge / Home Sterling Silver necklace by TheAngryWeather,
with all proceeds of the sale going to the Red Cross to assist Japan.

 BipolarBetty's Secret Admirer Stalker Notes make we wish I was single just so that I could leave these on someone's windscreen.

And finally, if you can get past the price, this Down the Rabbit Hole necklace would certainly be a talking piece. I'm guessing that BijouxOdalisque loves it too much to want it sold!


  1. Glad that you have been able to take some time off that pesky work schedule - these are lovely finds! x

  2. Oh gosh, those secret admirer notes are creepy...

    Thanks for sharing! T x