Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rings for little girls

I have a niece. She's only 5, so I can't show you her face.
Everytime she comes to visit she makes a beeline for the dining room table (oh how I wish I could say 'studio') where all my beads are laid out in their various containers, packets and tubes. Unfortunately the beads I work with are so tiny (and so precious) that they don't make good toys for 5-year olds, and I always feel like the mean aunty for not letting her get her sticky fingers into them!

For months she's been asking me to make her a ring but even my smallest ring bases are too big for her. So I used some elastic cord and my biggest beads (almost) and put together this little ring for her.
I couldn't really tell if she loved it but she did wear it all day at her birthday party. Definitely the youngest supporter of Afrikitten so far.

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